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Welcome to Adventure Publications’ Free Audio Archive collection for Mike Lynch’s books. The list is a curated ‘library of high-quality, legal audio downloads’ organized as the enters appear in the books. Just click on an MP3 file to play in your browser or download it to your computer.

Please visit for more information on Mike Lynch’s books and other titles from Adventure Publications.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





1-01 January Star Hike.mp3

1-02 January Lepus.mp3

1-03 January Orion.mp3

1-04 February Star Hike.mp3

1-05 February Canis Major And Canis Minor.mp3

1-06 February Leo.mp3

1-07 March Star Hike.mp3

1-08 March Coma Berenices.mp3

1-09 March Ursa Major And Ursa Minor.mp3

2-01 April Star Hike.mp3

2-02 April Bootes.mp3

2-03 April Corvus.mp3

2-04 May Star Hike.mp3

2-05 May Hercules.mp3

2-06 May Virgo.mp3

2-07 June Star Hike.mp3

2-08 June Cygnus.mp3

2-09 June Lyra.mp3

2-10 July Star Hike.mp3

2-11 July Aquila.mp3

3-01 July Scorpius.mp3

3-02 August Star Hike.mp3

3-03 August Draco.mp3

3-04 August Sagittarius.mp3

3-05 September Star Hike.mp3

3-06 September Delphinus.mp3

3-07 September Pegasus And Andromeda.mp3

3-08 October Star Hike.mp3

3-09 October Cassiopeia And Cepheus.mp3

3-10 October Perseus.mp3

4-01 November Star Hike.mp3

4-02 November Aries.mp3

4-03 November Auriga.mp3

4-04 December Star Hike.mp3

4-05 December Gemini.mp3

4-06 December Taurus.mp3